Free Email Formatting Tool

Free email text formatting tool to adjust column width and preserve paragraph endings for optimal readability.

Email Formatting Tool

Email Formatting Tool


This free email formatting tool is designed to format text to a specified column width while preserving original paragraph endings. It’s particularly useful for managing the format of emails, where clients often misalign the text, leading to uneven and unprofessional-looking content.

Example of Issue:

Text often looks fine when composed in an email client but can end up looking disjointed when received, like this:

While emails generally look normal
when composing,
when the recipient gets it, it often
times ends
up looking like this, which is rather
and terribly unprofessional.

Why Use This Tool?

Most email clients do not handle text formatting well, which can lead to the infamous long…short, long…short text appearance. This tool helps you set a fixed line length (recommended at 50 columns, contrary to the often too-wide default of 72 columns) to ensure emails look neat and professional on all devices and in all viewing panes.


  • Improved Readability: Formats text into easy-to-read, consistent columns similar to a newspaper layout.
  • Professional Appearance: Avoids the amateurish look of uneven text lines.
  • Versatility: Useful for any text that needs consistent formatting, not just emails.

How to Use:

  1. Enter Desired Column Width: Start by setting your preferred column width in the tool.
  2. Input or Paste Text: Directly type or paste the text you need to be formatted.
  3. Submit to Format: Click the submit button to format the text. It will adjust the text to the specified column width, inserting an end-of-line marker recognized universally.

Handling URLs:

The tool ensures that URLs are not broken up, regardless of their length, maintaining their functionality in your formatted text.

Experience the difference:

Use this tool to format any text, ensuring it looks good and reads well on any device, whether it’s part of an email, a newsletter, or other professional correspondence.

Enjoy streamlined, professional text formatting with no downloads necessary – accessible anywhere, anytime!

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